Nearby Places of Interest

Moravia is one of the most beautiful regions in the whole of the Czech Republic. Tucked in the south east of the country, Moravia is one of the three original, historical Czech Lands, so you can expect to find old castles, 7 out of 16 UNESCO World Heritage sites in the Czech Republic and a landscape that is breath-taking at every turn in the road. Below we have shared with you some of the best sights close to the rally location which you may want to visit before, during or after our Victory Rally.

Chateau Lednice

The castle is one of the most visited monuments in our beautiful country of The Czech Republic. Neo-Gothic reconstruction in the 19th century, it has created a residence surrounded by one of Europe’s largest parks (almost 200 ha), in which the visitor finds the Palm House, the Venetian fountain, Roman aqueduct, the Chinese Pavilion, artificial ruins minarett and Johns Castle.

Thanks to a unique connection with the monuments surrounding human nature was formed in 1996 by the whole Lednice- Valtice UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Valtice Palace

The Valtice castle, which came into existence thanks to an enlargement of a tower house that was probably founded in the 11th century, was the seat of the ruling prince of the Liechtenstein family from the end of the 14th century.

The magnitude and splendour of Baroque decoration proves, even today, that it was the residence of one of the most powerful noblemen in the Danube monarchy. In 1996, the castle, as an integral part of the Lednice-Valtice Area, was listed by UNESCO as a World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site.


The first written record of Mikulov dates back to 1173. The former Liechtenstein and later Diestrichstein chateau on the rock has been a unique dominant of the Mikulov skyline for centuries.

Spend time wondering around its quaint little town, or climb up to Holy Hill, one of the most important dominant landmarks in Mikulov for a spectacular view.

The Iron Curtain Museum

The Iron Curtain Museum in Valtice presents the long history of service at the state frontier with special emphasis on the years between 1951 and 1989. At this time, the frontier was strictly guarded and an enormous effort was made to make it absolutely impenetrable.

Near perfection was achieved by using all technological devices and the “iron curtain” came into existence.

Archeopark Pavlov

Would you like to know who made the Venus of Dolní Věstonice? Come to the exact spot where 30,000 years ago lived mammoth hunters.

Take a look at the exhibits from that era and – for a moment – go back in time to our deepest past.