Nearby Places of Interest

The ┼áumava National Park, situated in the southwestern part of the Czech Republic, is a pristine natural gem renowned for its stunning landscapes and rich biodiversity. Nestled along the border with Germany and Austria, the park covers vast expanses of dense forests, rolling hills, meandering rivers and some fantastic roads for riding! ­čśë┬á

Below we have shared with you some of the best sights close to the rally location which you may want to visit before, during or after our Victory Rally. We believe the Sumava National Park will charm you. 

┼Żelezn├í Ruda

Over the centuries, the mountain town of ┼áumava has transformed from a settlement deep in the forest into a popular winter and summer tourism center. In addition to natural beauty, you can look forward to a museum of puppets and historic motorcycles, a restored brewery (the second highest in Europe), ┼áumava glacial lakes, ─îern├ę and ─îertovo.


The highest mountain village in Bohemia (1065 m), originally a woodcutters settlement of the 15th or 16th century. Recreation centre in ┼áumavsk├ę Pl├ín─Ť area with neo-Gothic church of St. Stephen from the years 1892 to 1894. Gold used to be panned in the local stream. In the winter you can visit the popular ski tracks to horsk├í Kvilda. In the summer, explore the protected moorland landscapes with dwarf-pine, mosses, stunted birch trees, etc.

Ka┼ípersk├ę hory

Ka┼ípersk├ę Hory, a town in the Bohemian Forest, is famous for its castle, Ka┼íperk. Built by Charles IV, it guarded borders, merchant routes, and gold mines. The castle stands tall, offering great views of the pretty forest. The town’s old streets and buildings tell stories of its past.

Nature lovers can enjoy hiking in the nearby Bohemian Forest. Ka┼ípersk├ę Hory is not just about history; it hosts fun events too. Whether exploring the castle or walking in nature, a visit here is like stepping into a cool mix of old tales and outdoor adventures.